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Best Dentist Dubai

General Dental and Orthodontic Services

Emergency Care

  • Management of toothaches and wisdom tooth pain
  • Root Canal treatment and extractions
  • Management of dental trauma

Comprehensive Dental Examinations

Dentist Dubai : Comprehensive Dental Examination starting with a relevant medical and dental history and a discussion of your concerns and objectives. It includes a periodontal analysis, digital x-rays (dental radiographs), oral cancer screening and soft tissue analysis and evaluation of the temporomandibular (jaw) joints and associated musculature of the masticatory system. Areas of concern are identified and recorded and a plan of treatment is formulated based on your needs and ideal objectives. Ideal objectives are to build a treatment platform based on sound foundations-infection and pain is managed first, then dental cavities that are likely to lead to the first objective and finally cosmetic and global functional issues are addressed.

Restorative and Cosmetic

White Fillings: For restoring decayed teeth using composite resins. Composite resins are one of the most promising techniques developed for “instant smile makeovers”. It is used in many instances to correct broken or misshaped teeth or to close gaps between teeth in an instant. They are also used to change black silver fillings to white tooth coloured aesthetics fillings.

Inlays and onlays (composite / porcelain) can be used to correct badly broken tooth to strong white replicas of the exact tooth.

Best Dentist Dubai also provide Cosmetic Recontouring (Simple and Superficial Reshaping) of teeth, Gums Lifts, Composite Resin Veneers, Lumineer Porcelain Veneers (0.1-0.5mm), All Ceramic Crowns, Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers

Periodontal Care

Perform supra and sub gingival scaling, flap surgery, periodontal dressings, minor bone grafting. Oral health counselling, motivation to stop bad oral habits. Correct uneven gum line and lengthen teeth that appear very small.

Endodontics Services

Root Canal treatment: Tooth decay or injury can destroy the living pulp. Dead pulp is prone to infection, leading to abscess and toothache. This can usually be successfully dealt by root canal treatment (also known as root filling). The infection is cleared out and the extremely thin canals can be treated with the help of X Smart and the standard guttapurchaobturation techniques.

Surgical Apicectomy: In cases where there is severe infection at the apical one third of a tooth root end, and RCT has failed more than once. We can still treat it by a procedure called surgical apicectomy. In this case the root end tip and the surrounding bone is cleaned and medicated to save the tooth.

Oral Surgery

Simple and surgical extractions: A tooth which is very decayed or damaged, or loose because of gum diseases may have to be extracted. Wisdom teeth sometimes have to be surgically extracted if they have come through at an awkward angle and are causing problems. Quite a few dental clinics refer their oral surgery patients to us.

Milk teeth are sometimes taken out from children’s mouth to help the adult tooth to grow straight. Anyhow, extractions are the last option in our clinic. Saving teeth is our mission, but at times extractions are inevitable.


  • Comprehensive examinations with diagnostic x-ray
  • Oral hygiene and dietary advice
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Fissure sealants for children
  • Mouth guards for sport
  • Splints for teeth grinding at night

Prosthetic Services

Denture replaces missing teeth. Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth and full or complete dentures are needed if all the natural teeth are missing.

Traditionally they are made of acrylic or they consist of acrylic teeth set on a light metal alloy base. The latter is more secure and less bulky, but also more expensive. The latest dubai dentist invention in this field is the flexible denture, which is very convenient and unbreakable.

Cosmetic Crowns and Bridges

If your teeth are broken down considerably then veneers may not be the good option. Porcelain crowns offer greater strength and durability than veneers. With the latest technology, We now offer our clients “Metal Free” ceramic crowns which are much superior in aesthetics than the porcelain fused metal crowns that was used earlier. Missing teeth may also be replaced with these metal free (CERCON/PROCERA/LAWA) bridges that are so aesthetic that it is virtually impossible to distinguish them from your natural teeth.